UTIX is an online, decentralised event hosting and e-ticketing platform that utilises smart contracts to reduce market inefficiencies and provide event organisers (EO) with variables they conventionally would not be able to control. With a market ready product, UTIX will be applying to the MFSA for our VFA regulation and being listed on a DLT exchange in the coming weeks!



We are a London, UK/US based e-ticketing company with a nimble dynamic team that have been working on building the perfect e-ticketing platform for the last 2 years. We have worked with top Solidity and Blockchain developers to create a system that puts the power of an event back in the hands of users and the event organiser.

UTIX have done the hard part, our aim now is to cultivate a community of event organisers, artists and users that want to take control back from secondary e-ticketing sites and provide fair market value to all. A dedicated team of developers, entrepreneurs and advisers, UTIX is here to eliminate market inefficiencies and we are here to stay!


UTIX is an online, decentralised event hosting and e-ticketing platform that utilises smart contracts to reduce market inefficiencies and provide event organisers (EO) with variables they conventionally would not be able to control. Users and event organisers can buy or sell tickets through cryptographic signatures stored on a blockchain that cannot be altered or destroyed, removing the requirement of centralized servers, over-reliance on costly third parties and other negative externalities that arise through an unregulated free market mechanism.

Through our user-friendly interface, an event organiser/user will have all the functionality of a blockchain, without the added complexities typically involved. By utilising smart contracts, we can reduce complication, cost, and minimize the threat of fraud.


The UTIX solution is to enable users and event organisers to seamlessly use smart contracts on the Ethereum network to control each of the variables that ultimately lead to market inefficiency. The UTIX protocol eliminates any possibility of counterfeit tickets being sold, ensures that secondary pricing can be controlled and allows the event organiser to enjoy all the benefits of using a blockchain system, without the complexities involved.

UTIX have an experienced, talented and dedicated team, willing to do all that is required to build a successful, scalable
and sustainable e-ticketing company. The industry is fraught with issues, from top to bottom. The market has attempted to rectify these issues, with legislation and technology, nonetheless they still exist and the blockchain architecture can be the defining factor in eliminating these issues.

Introducing UTIX


UTIX is one of the first Blockchain applications with the capability to repeatedly generate revenue. Learn about the features of using the UTIX application below and benefits of investing in us. 

UTIX Ticketing Platform

UTIX is a full service e-ticketing platform for event organisers and users. The first phase of the platform is now complete and UTIX has already begun taking on events! With more phases lined up for development, UTIX is set to compete at the top-end of the e-ticketing market. With both an IOS & Android application, a scanning app, a full SaaS platform, we are ready to take on the giants of the e-ticketing world and put the power of an event back into the hands of the event organiser and the user!

UTIX Loyalty Tokens

UTIX loyalty tokens are the compensation received by investors when depositing Ethereum to further the UTIX project. Loyalty reward systems are being increasingly adopted by companies to engage the consumer repeatedly, develop sustainable relationships with users and encourage further use of their platform. The UTIX tokens will be able to be used on our platform to redeem discounts, can be sold or purchased through regulated exchanges and conventional users will receive loyalty tokens each time a ticket is purchased.

VFA & MFSA Regulation

UTIX will be applying for VFA regulation through the MFSA with Grant Thornton LLP acting as our agent. The Virtual Financial Assets Act of 2018 sets out to regulate Initial Virtual Asset Offerings. UTIX believes that staying in line and keeping up to date with regulation is pivotal. This will provide investors with a sense of security and understanding that although the UTIX token has been issued as an instrument to raise capital, it does have a fundamental underlying use within the platforms ecosystem.

DLT Exchange

UTIX will be looking to list on the OKEX DLT platform, built for institutions and professional traders. With a daily volume of $1.6bn, we’re extremely pleased to be in talks to list with OKEX. OKEX provides liquidity for professional traders on a professional platform to be able to trade and exchange VFA assets and many other cryptocurrencies.

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